I love being who God made me to be.
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My name is Molly. I have been saved by Jesus Christ. I screwed up pretty bad for a few years of my life but His grace has shown me that I am more than any choices I have made. I have learned I can only love, I can't save. I love to skateboard, play the ukulele, go to concerts, play PS3, and watching football. Bengals and Seahawks fan. I love the Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, the Office, Parks and Rec, and Parenthood. I am a middle child and I love my two brothers. I make a lot of ugly faces and I am a very sarcastic person. I love Jeep Wranglers, but I own a Mazda 3. I go to Capital University and I'm studying communications and digital design. I have a small group of friends that mean the world to me. I am always open to talking about anything and I have a heart for people. If you share food with me you will find the way to my heart.
Matt Chandler is my all time favorite preacher. 
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